Dichiarazione di Bonifica: Comunichiamo alla nostra gentile clientela che è stata effettuata la pulizia e sanificazione mediante ozono di tutti gli ambienti della struttura. Guarda quì la dichiarazione.
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The Pools

Four pools await you at the Grand Hotel Terme di Augusto so that you can immerse yourself in absolute wellness surrounded by the flowery embrace of our garden

The pools are filled with thermal water from the famous springs of Lacco Ameno and are equipped with seats, beds and everything else which is indispensable for a perfect day of sun and water games.

Two of the pools are outdoors:

  • one filled with fresh water at 32°/36°C;

  • the other, filled with thermal water at 34°/38°C, is also very scenic.

Then there are two indoor pools:

  • the Kneipp: 40/17° C;

  • the thermal water pool at 32°/40°C. 

  • The hotel

    The hotel

    An oasis of elegance, relaxation and thermal baths nestled in a floral embrace in the heart of Lacco Ameno

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  • The Hall

    The Hall

    A large hall welcomes the Grand Hotel Terme di Augusto guests with an unusual splendour for a hotel in a seaside town

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  • The Roof garden

    The Roof garden

    The most scenic spot in the hotel is dedicated to days when you can top up on energy and health with sun-tanning, dips in the pool and sun-filled hours of enjoyment.

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  • Wellness


    Entering the Grand Hotel Terme di Augusto area dedicated to the "salus per aquam" will be a trip back in time, because you will feel like you are taking a visit to the thermal baths in ancient Rome

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