Dichiarazione di Bonifica: Comunichiamo alla nostra gentile clientela che è stata effettuata la pulizia e sanificazione mediante ozono di tutti gli ambienti della struttura. Guarda quì la dichiarazione.
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Our Evenings

Every evening at the Grand Hotel Terme di Augusto there is a different party: music, dancing and excellent wine

The common denominator of the Augustus Party, Ciao Ischia, Viva Bacco, Carosello Napoletano and “Tuttaischia” Piano bar is the convivial spirit.

Augustus Party.

Relive the ancient splendours of Caesar’s Rome: An evening in period dress with music from the imperial age.

Ciao Ischia.

All the warmth and flavour of the Ischia tradition: Festivity dedicated to the typical dishes such as cave rabbit, cacciatore style.

Here’s to Bacchus.

"...the one who drinks from this cup will suddenly fall in love with Aphrodite with her beautiful crown” an evening of wine and Ischian music.

Neapolitan carousel.

The most loved and world over famous, romantic and traditional Naples characteristics: A festive evening rich in classical Neapolitan music.