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Terme di Augusto

Entering the Grand Hotel Terme di Augusto area dedicated to the "salus per aquam" will be a trip back in time, because you will feel like you are taking a visit to the thermal baths in ancient Rome

All of the spaces, from the pool to the massage booths, are marked by an elegant imperial style with austere furnishings, busts and statues, capitals and marble fountains. But the thing which sets our thermal baths apart the most is the purity and quality of our spring water which is continuously subjected to checks and scientific analysis.

Our hotel's thermal waters are classified as: hyperthermal-salso-sulphate alkaline and represent a true panacea for numerous conditions and illnesses. They are put to excellent use for orthopaedic, gynaecological, otolaryngological and dermatological treatments. Also, mud and thermal waters are a magical touch for slight skin blemishes and anti-ageing treatments.

Our thermal baths are accredited: National Health Service - ASL NA2 SUPER CATEGORY.